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The world of Dust

Photography installation

Group Exhibition: Exploded Screen at Block 9 (2017)

Sound+animation+mirror sclupture installation

Performance workshop @ Woburn research Centre (2014)

ICA Off-Site event: Korakrit Arunanondchai with boychild and AJGvojic: The Last 3 Years and the Future @ The Old Selfridges Hotel, London, 2014

Performance workshop, @ Limbo, London (2016)

animated GIF for
Madoka Ogitani’s new single  『Hydrangea Dance』

collaborative project,  Animal getting high (2019),
to be shown at BBC Channel 4

Collaboration with Nunu
3D animation made for Loop de loop

gif from an animation that was never finished (2017)

산위에서 평창동을 외치다 (2008)
pencil on paper 

Artist’s book (2013)
photo book installation

Group Exhibition @ Kaetsu Centre, Cambridge (2013)

gif from The water of Narcissus

[MV] loop for music collaboration: link

Collaboration with a painter, Jayem Won:
Animation within a painting

Planographic life drawing

life drawing

animation installation (2014)

animation, A Day, mural installation (2015)


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