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Ansso An                                                
Animation | Illustration | Music
London & Seoul

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Exhibition & Events

Design Festa V57, Tokyo, 20-21 MAY, 2023
Unlimited Edition 14, Buk Seoul Art Museum, 28-30 OCT, 2022
Mullae & Mollae @ Sool-Sool Centre, Korea, 17-27 MAR, 2022
V.A Album Project (charity project): seasonal signals presents, Spring is Here, 1 MAY, 2020
Online comic exhibition <홍콩,봄> hosted by Insoonismcomics, 3 APRIL - 25 JUNE, 2020
V.A Album Project (charity project): seasonal signals presents, Winter is Here, 15 FEB, 2020
Unlimited Edition 11, Buk Seoul Art Museum, 15-17 NOV, 2019
Seoul Record Fair, Culture Station Seoul, 9-10 NOV, 2019
Comic book 수입코너 hosted by Breakfastclub, SEPT, 2019
Screening - Sunday Shorts Film Festival @ The Curtain, London, 30 JUNE, 2019
Final year show @ Royal College of Art, London, 28 JUNE - 7 JULY, 2019

V.A Album 'Oneironaut' released from Japanese Pop music label @ Local Visions, Izumo, Japan, 25 MAR, 2019
RCA Work in Progress Show @ Royal College of Art, London, 14 FEB, 2019
Screening - Boil @ Royal College of Art, London, 25 OCT, 2018
Screening event as a part of the parallel projects of Manifesta 12 - @ Rover, Palermo, Italy, 14 OCT, 2018
Screening - Short Film Night @ San Mei Gallery, London, 19 SEPT, 2018
Album(review) 'Camera Obscura' released from Japanese Pop music label @ Local Visions, Izumo, Japan, 15 SEPT, 2018
Screening - Goodnight film club @Set Dalston, London, 23 APRIL, 2018
Sound event @ San Mei Gallery, London, 23 FEB, 2018
Group Show: RCA Exploded Screen X Block 9 @ The Silver Building, London, 07-09 DEC, 2017
Book Launch organized by Comic Book Club @ Limbo, London, 2016
End of year Degree Show @ Slade School of Fine Art, London, 2016
Screening - Show n Tell @ Limbo, London, 2016
Screening & performance @ SLADE?WOTEVER!¯_(ツ)_/¯, Royal Vauxhall Tavern, London, 2016
Group exhibition ‘Indigo Vastness’ @ University College London Hospital, 2016
Participated in a group performance for ICA Off-Site event: Korakrit Arunanondchai with boychild and AJGvojic: The Last 3 Years and the Future @ The Old Selfridges Hotel, London, 2014
Interim show @ Worbourn Research Centre, London, 2014
First year Book Launch @ Woburn Research Centre, London, 2013
Group show @ Kaetsu Centre, Cambridge, 2013
Seoul Metro Group exhibition @ Gyeongbokgung station Korea, 2010


The process of making animation puts me in an omnipotent position. I piece time, image and sound together to create a new scenario. The world I introduce is not too far from the real world since the story begins with my daily experience. I filter unusual moments and sudden encounters. My job is to hunt this intangible fellow before she crosses the exit of memory, shape her and return her to the thresholds of the uncanny realm.


Ansso An is an animation filmmaker and musician. Often combining 2D digital and hand drawn images, she playfully layers colour, drawings and sound with various mediums. Using intuitive and imaginative approaches, she explores the human psyche through her character’s inner worlds, which is her main interest in developing film language.

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